Friday, May 2, 2008

Edison Chan saved Barisan Nasional for further embarrasment

Well, many would've thought "This is absurd!" Yeah yeah yeah ... the Malaysian Elections is now over, and everywhere in the nation the rakyat is celebrating over the 8th March elections (except those Barisan Nasional cronies)

For the first time in history, 5 states from Peninsula fell into the opposition's hands (if not for BN's absurdly-unfair-self humiliating-segregation of the Sabah and Sarawak zones, deliberately split to add more MPs into the parliament. (3000 people with one MP? compared to Seputeh zone in Selangor with almost 50,000 with one MP - JOKE)

Well, the battle has been fought, and 3 out of 4 market centers in Malaysia is now under the opposition's hands (Penang, Ipoh, KL).

The onslaught of the so called March 8th Tsunami actually started from all the negative stuffs BN brought us Malaysians, that not only infuriates the rakyat, but further embaressing us.

Let's do a count, before the 8th of March election, here goes the list of jokes coming from BN (off the hand, memory based)

1. Altantuya's murder - By special task force well of course under Defense Minister, Deputy Prime Minister - Najib Razak
2. Zakariah - The mansion, the illegal Satay buildup
3. The demolishing of Hindu temples
4. The 2007 Audit report that reveals tons of fraud cases from BN
5. The corrupted police force, the only thing done by our police force is to produce badges that says "Saya Anti Rasuah" and their little zerglings continue their wrong doings
6. The sleeping Pak Lah
7. The waving of the Kris by our Education Minister (Oh ya, he had a HUMMER, what a positive media coverage as the Minister of Education)
8. The Lingam mamak case "It looks and sounds like me, but i cannot hundred percent confirm it's me"
9. The RM 6 million cow slaughter house that slaughters 6 cows a year
10. The RM 10 million BANGA-lows for ministers
11. The leaking roof of Parliament building and the follow up response from Abang Samy - "I'm beli sure the biuding wil las handad pipty yiers apter da roop was pixed" (Abang, there are thousands of buildings that will last 5000 years or more without fix, talk with your brain k?)
12. The outright denial of our Foreign Minister in the BBC's Hardtalk show "As far as I know, there are more chinese and indian students in our local university compared to malays, and as far as I know, there are more chinese and indians getting government contracts compared to malays"
13. And of course, the AP issue that has long pass overdue for settlement
14. Our old horse Mahathir's 'teachings' on the zerglings he spawned.
15. The long overdue Anwar case
16. The Hindraf issue, with YouTube videos showing peaceful protestors were smoked, and then their leaders were detained under ISA for having links with the Sri Lankan terrorists

Ok .... many k? back to where it started, ALL THESE NEGATIVE NEWS, was suddenly wiped off by? Yes, Gillian's cat, Edison's male chicken, Bobo's flute skills, and Cecilia's hairy cat.

And the whole nation forgotten bout all these issues, news are flooded with these seductive news of these A-List actors/singers from HK in a string of home made pornos.

Hey Barisan, thank Edison, if not you might loose another state or two.


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