Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Vios or City anyone?

Many, i mean many bought Vios and City since year 2003.

And many, i mean many consider these 2 as 'GOOD' cars.

They're cheap, they claim. At RM80,000+

They're practical, good looking, good build quality. They claimed.

Many would also argue on the functionality, adequate space of these 2 cars.

If you're planning on getting one, or you actually envy others being able to afford one. READ THIS.

There are only two types of buyers who would self perceive as either one of these two groups:

1. I buy Vios or City not because I'm bias on others, but because the bang for buck they offered, and because of the interior, build quality, functionality, and they offer 2 airbags.

2. I love them, I don't care what you said, I love these cars.

3. (Third? I thought i only mention 2 groups? K, the third one is actually my opinion, which many would defend till death that they weren't in this group.) The third group is actually a group of buyers that could actually afford RM80k, and they're scouring the market for a choice. They wanted to buy a RM80k car, because they want people to know they could afford RM80k, and that they feel better when parked next to a car that costs RM50k. And they chose Vios and City, because it seems a 'safe' choice. Many were buying, hence i don't think i would get into much trouble getting one. Moreover, it's Toyota/Honda.

Group 1, let me present to you Perodua Myvi. Park one next to your Vios or City, put the brand aside. INSPECT. Build quality? SAME. Spaciousness? Myvi wins hands down. Airbags? Checked. Boot? Where's the boot? Myvi can load a washing machine or a 29 inch TV, which not much sedans could. So, if it were in terms of aesthetics, this small puny RM40k car is indeed the winner, in every sense (given the selling price). But would i buy one if i could afford a RM80k car? Nope, i won't, because I too would love people to see, that I, Bobby could afford an RM80k car. The self perceive social status gain that i would get when i spend that extra RM40k.

Group 2, you love Vios/City don't you? May i ask then, if Corolla Altis and Honda Civic were the exact same price as Vios/City. Which would you get? 100% of respondents interviewed by Mr Bobby reveals that this is a silly question, they will DEFINITELY get Altis or Civic.

Of course there will be people who'd argue that anyone would definitely get something that's more expensive. Or is it? Toyota Camry, that behemoth. Imagine you're the typical Vios/City buyer, a female, 25 year old or a college student. Would you like people seeing you driving a Camry? Gotcha, NO right? It's sooooooo UNCLE-ish, it's too huge, people would think you might be driving your dad's car.

So? by spending an extra RM40k to get something RM40k could get (Myvi); you not only did not get the perceive social status you ought to think you did, and you did not actually LOVE Vios or City;


So which car should you get?


It's a world car, one that was newly developed from a very well received concept car back in 2002; sold in Europe, Japan, Asia etc. Not some South East Asian marketing scam. Marketing scam? My Vios is a Marketing SCAM!!?

YES. Vios is actually the first generation of Toyota Yaris, launched way back in 1998, the chassis and platform was re-used for Vios, hence the small interior space, the solid rear axle which do nothing to help in the handling of the car. (Modern cars are all using independant linked suspension - Even Wira is using it)

Moreover, Suzuki Swift in UK was argued by many magazines including Top Gear to be a more worthwhile purchase than even the mighty Mini Cooper One.

Most of all, there's nothing right above it, on the edge of your affordability.


Anonymous said...

Vios sucks sucks sucks, hahahaha

redpepper said...

My mum's one year old Vios was declared a total loss after bro crashed it...

Anti-wannabe said...

There are the group which say "NO" to Koreans' marque, and another group which said, "Myvi is better than Getz, cause Myvi is Toyota, Toyota > Hyundai."

Yeah, bunch of wannabe's!

Drivers said...

I hope the public do not take it seriously for his opinions. Both Vios and City offer MUCH MORE than what they are offering for the price! And they offer MUCH MORE than what you "see" them OTR or OTP (On The Road / On The Papers). I start to suspect if one knows how to "drive" a car before giving opinions... typical MyVi owners perhaps? Must be Perodua is having a good marketing team.

Funniest second opinion in my opinion.

Bobby said...
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Bobby said...

[Quoted from driver: Both Vios and City offer MUCH MORE than what they are offering for the price!]

Like what?

Anonymous said...

Driveability, NVH and Safety. All these especially the first two criterias, you won't see it on papers.

Serious, by no mean I am here to defend which is a better or value for money. Anyone who have driving experience of various cars will know how bad our small little Mini behaves. Period.

Bobby said...

Driveability because it's a Toyota, NVH because it's a Toyota and safety because it's a Toyota.

Myvi was subjected to Euro NCAP and achived a 4 star rating, which is the same rating a BMW 5 series got. Vios on the other hand, is not even a world car,is not compulsary to take the test, and Toyota soundly avoid it. My bet is that it'll achieve a same 4-star rating, as Toyotas generally achieve good ratings.

NVH, Vios is no where +RM40k better than Myvi as oppose to Civic's +RM40k from Vios.

Handling? Do you know anything about cars? Go squat down behind a Vios and check out the rear axles. Solid rear axles are only found in budget cars = Myvi. Even Proton Wira is using independant linked suspension.

Lastly, do you know how cars was made? Get the blueprints from Japanese, search for suppliers for the exact parts, manufacture themand then place a logo on the bonnet to determine this car to sell for RM40k, or RM80k. If Thailand would have their own local manufacturer, and after assembling Vios, there's a logo on the front that goes Chamnaprat. Would you pay RM80k for it?

Get the facts straight before farting with your mouth.

Oh ya,I forgot, you don't even have the balls to place a name, as your anonymity suggests you don't want to be held accountable to your words.

Go spend another RM20k and but a Jaguar badge on your Vios ok? I'm sure the NVH, Handling and Performance will improve. Oh, last but not least, a few stickers and spoilers can add 20-50hp as well.

redpepper said...

wow. a real life example blog which can actually spark off a debate...i have to hand it you to, bobby...

err...not much that i can comment on this issue though, i'd probably need a Cars for Dummies handbook. so, all i can muster is..."go bobby!"?

Anonymous said...

heh =)
As I said, typical MyVi owners who only know how to speak from papers.

Enjoy your "world car".

anti-wannabe said...

>Myvi was subjected to Euro NCAP and achived a 4 star rating

Where did you get that? Got proof ah?

>Handling? Do you know anything about cars? Go squat down behind a Vios and check out the rear axles.

Did you know that Civic Type-R also uses Torsion Beam? lol!

Torsion Beam doesn't necessarily means bad handling, it is just not better than independent suspensions setup on certain road conditions, if not most.

Anonymous said...

Since this is getting interesting...

Because it's a Toyota blah blah?
Can't you stop making assumption? I have both cars and driving it everyday. Now who can make better comparison than me in driveability, and NVH?

Perodua Myvi achieved Euro NCAP 4 star? Something new to me! Why Perodua doesn't bother to promote that? Low profile-eh? Same platform does not mean it will score the same! There are many criterias contributed to NCAP scores. Wake up from your world's car dream.

BMW 5 Series? Even a direct competitors Hyundai Getz score 4 star and that was an ACTUAL Getz being tested! So, where's Myvi's?

[Quoted]Vios on the other hand, is not even a world car,[End]
You surely feel better and value-for-money just because it is a "world car"? Which is also not as good as their counterparts? Look at any Myvi forum, various complaints about the engine noise, free-massager, how bad the car handle and go over bump/road imperfection... NVH is gone case. That's also what I am experiencing. What's more? On many cars, it even comes with a heated rear seat on the exhaust side and free exhaust smell when following behind a truck/lorry. Good feature eh?

Of course NVH on the Vios is no where +RM40k better than Myvi. As I said, there are other positive points which you won't even know by just looking at the papers/spec.

Vios and Civic's NVH, both has its pros and cons. They are quite comparable! Civic might have a better NV, while "H"arshness it is definitely Vios! Your "world car" NVH is far far beyond reach in term of NVH.

Like other poster said, do you know anything about handling other than what you read on papers? Stop peeking at Vios rear axles!

[Quoted]Even Proton Wira is using independant linked suspension.[End]
Are you telling people, car more expensive than Wira should have multi-link? You are missing a lot of things my dear blogger, open up your heart, know others better, not just reading out loud from the papers.

[Quoted] Get the facts straight before farting with your mouth. [End]
Er.... LOL. Ok Ok, your "world car" is very comparable to Vios, OK? Does that make it smells like Ambi-Pur?

Oh ya,I forgot, you don't even have the balls to place a name
Nothing better to say? We are in a discussion, mind your words or it's gonna show who you are.

[Quote] as your anonymity suggests you don't want to be held accountable to your words. [End]
I am neither Toyota or Perodua salesman, the actual cars speak for themselves.

Go spend another RM20k and but a Jaguar badge on your Vios ok? I'm sure the NVH, Handling and Performance will improve. Oh, last but not least, a few stickers and spoilers can add 20-50hp as well.[End]
Huh? Are you still with us?

[Quoted] wow. a real life example blog which can actually spark off a debate...i have to hand it you to, bobby...[End]
AHAHA... This topic is non-debatable if ones know his stuffs.

Perodua has done an excellent job in marketing. Thumbs up! Now Perodua even has their fans claiming it a world car. Hooray!

Bobby said...

Your post just prooves you talk without proof and are based on your personal point of view on the car. Last check, I have them both as well. And i believe you as a mediocre buyer of car badge, will buy a Toyota Passo for RM70k if we were to import it.

Tell me. What's Vios justification of that RM40k?

Ride? Handling? Comfort? Space? NVH?

And don't even make claims that Vios and Civic's NVH is comparable. Go test drive one and see your TomYam Vios is as good.

Go Euro NCAP's website for Daihatsu Sirion. Oh i forgot, badge makes a huge difference for you.

Last check, can you read my post again? I suggesting Swift because i agree that buying a car, spending extra RM40k to feel good is ok, but make sure there's nothing right above your choice to proof you can't afford another extra RM20k after that initial RM20k.

Lastly, I will no longer reply to idiotic posts.

Anti-wannabe and anonymous:

Go learn about suspension here before you make idiotic statements again.


Anonymous said...

Personal point of view? hahahah!
Of course, because I don't speak from the papers. Stop reading the spec as it can be found anywhere.

Toyota Passo? I don't want to comment a car before I test drive the actual car thoroughly. Even if someone import it for 70k, doubt I am interested. < 2000CC car? No thanks, I have plenty already.

I am not Toyota salesman and I don't get any comission from them. Sad that you missed out everything a real car can offers, that's your loses.

NCAP for Daihatsu Sirion? HAHAHAHA! You probably still don't understand anything about NCAP. It is like you are telling people paper-made car on the same platform will achieve the same rating? Dream on! As I said, many factors have to take into account, even a small part like headrest will have major impact. Stop your "I am driving a Daihatsu Sirion" dream.

Why why Swift now? Don't you want to continue protest your world-car?

Learn some more? Stop reading! Go drive a real car! You have been reading out the theories enough already! Oh by the way, suggest you go to read what's NVH about.

Ok, pointless to wake up all these world-car's owner dream in such an insignificant website. People just can't stop dreaming about how well their world-car is.

Another victims? *grin*

anti-wannabe said...

What does that link proves?

It proves that all you have is theories.

AFAIK, the rear suspension setup on Vios, Myvi, Getz, Swift, Jazz, Yaris. They are all different, despite having the same Torsion Beam.

Don't forget, the front plays a part too, though they all are McPherson Strut, doesnt mean they are the SAME!

They could've used different absorbers/springs/coilovers with different rebound rate and such.

Don't understand why your thinking is so 1-dimensional.

"Oh! I got Toyota/Daihatsu (insert any wanna brand here) Myvi! My rear suspension is same as Vios/Swift/Getz/Jazz/Yaris. My handling is as equally good!"

Damn happy to own a Toyota Myvi, aren't we? So many wannabes on the road, even a bird drop can hit a few of them at the same time!

HoneySweetHeart.com said...

A blog about car! Great! My site is about GIRLS!

benz said...

Dear Readers,

It is just my humble of opinion or just a two cents thoughts. Well I'm not really into MyCar. I think you get my drif. Use to own a satria 1.6, After a year so..throttle body giving problem..absorber giving problem. It is not I'm looking down on our national car maker. Think twice. The first national carmaker..my opinion always produce a car for us as...you drive and test is for me..then they just enhance it.. damn sux* Gen2..you know what problem...Waja...and the lists goes on...

Next national car maker?how about it? well.. how much you pay is how much quality you get..pay less you get less.. thats all.. all myvi owners if you're driving manual you know what is the problem.. auto? still havent hear anything yet. Please dont compare Myvi and Boon. This is really off the topic. Why? quality wise..major major difference.. how I know? drive one.. even a toyota startlet is better off.. Myvi and Savvy? Savvy..body much more solid but due to reputation of the maker..ahem...ppl goes for Myvi.. all becos "toyota" included.. you get what i mean...

Spending extra on City and Vios..sure..why not..quality is there... but please dont compare to Civic and Altis.. this two car is upper level compare to the previous.. City and Vios is for entry level of ppl who wants to get a toyota and honda. It is all becuase of our Tutu.. charge us all those taxes.. try going to thailand to purchase any honda and toyota. Think deeply and with and open minded.. if you're the japs do you think you'll share all the tech to other ppl? I dont think so..

Currently driving a Civic and old model..I rather spend extra on this car rather getting the myvi or others..why? Tech is better off.. built quality...better off..relaiblity...better off.. if you like to read magz and other things..Topgear.. you should see how he tarnish the kelisa...and the car impact when hit on a cement wall compared with proton and toyota..

I'm not here puttin fire or gasoline.. go get a japs car..itis worth the penny..