Saturday, April 14, 2007

The right to vote, is it right?

Kudos to Hong Kong, they've just elected Donald Tsang again for the Chief Executive of Hong Kong. Governing a state with a population of more than 6,9 million residents. Hong Kong, as one of the most advance, democratic society in the modern world, somehow practices a 'weird' approach when it comes for the election for the chief of state.

Out of the 6.9 million residents, only 694 of which are the election comittee, are eligible for the 'public' voting. These include the social elites, tycoons in Hong Kong.


In my own humble opinion? No.

It's actually a play of public conscious when election parties play on the Democracy name to allow all citizens to play a part in the voting process. However, we can see how election parties use various tactics to manipulate the average poor, dumb, selfish public to rally the support they needed to get elected or re-elected. I'm very sure if it weren't for the average stupid americans and taiwanese, Chen Sui Bian and George W Jr Bush wouldn't have been elected in the first place.

The general public are oftenly swayed in approval ratings and public opinions on agendas brought up by these 'cunning' parties, which includes the reduction in taxes, medical benefits, even the acceptance of gay marriage or not to gain support from the public. These people are very much volatile to own perceived gained benefits, not knowing nor understanding the far-out effect it had on the country as a whole. In short, stupid people are manipulated by smart people for empty promises.

However, by limiting the number of people to vote to professors, elites, tycoons that had an in-sight on the intentions of election parties, the swaying of public opinions won't be that EASY, and in the end, a proper leader was elected, stupid decisions won't be made.


redpepper said...

hello there bobby! Crystal here.
just thought that it will be impolite of me to slip in and out of your blog without dropping by to say hello.
btw, cool blog, very thought-provoking and enlightening.
no wonder jimmy says you're an interesting person...=)
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Bobby said...

Thanks! I'll pest Jimmy till one day he leaves a comment at your blog. Even a minor unassuming-acting-ignorant-ly EHEM.... :)

bear lim said...

emm... though i will be able to find something special on what had happen yesterday (23 April 2007)? but it is not...
anyway, Good Plan are alway more influntial than people who wanted to defend their position. but is subject to timing, that is why timing is always come into first place when any of the artifice, new plan or strategy are implement