Saturday, March 31, 2007

Is Google up to something?

I think i know what Google's up to.
What does average users do in office after they ON their PC ?

Word, Excel, Calendar, Calculator, Solitaire, Email, Spider, Word, Solitaire, Email, Excel, Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Spider. OFF

And to top it off, it's normally a Pentium 4 3ghz PC, with 512MB of RAM, graphics accelerator which inevitably, was running Windowsand those specifications are 'recommended' by them, so "you wouldn't run into trouble for these """"long term investments""""" "

Most PCs that were used in the business world was 'wasted' by running these applications based on the 'recommended' specifications by Microsoft, so that Pentium could continue to sell their processors, Kingston could sell their RAMs, nVidia for their graphics card.

But notice how internet connection speeds had increased over the years? How WiFi is so prominent now? How Google seems to be able to give you the answers directly when you type "200 British Pounds to Malaysian Ringgit" ? And Google's seemingly domination of online search results? Coupled that with Google's recently published collection of excellent applications, which are FREE? Picasa, Hello, Blogger to name a few. And of course those excellent web based applications that process Words, Excel files and a web based Calendar, and those cheeky Google Widgets.

Is it enough for average office users?

What if you have a computer that had the cheapest processors, and perhaps low rams, no Operating Systems, just a simple web browser. BUT, with mega internet connection speeds say 100MB. Would you still buy Microsoft's Vista ?

However, the so-called 'plot' that Google had, wasn't some secret explosives that they'll suddenly announce in Microsoft's face, that'll render everyone panicked and wet their pants. It's called a 'plot' because I think Larry and Sergey realized it.

Google plans to slowly, letting users get online more to settle their daily job tasks, do the little things they've always wanted to do in office, play games, play around with Google Earth, send emails, Words, Excel, Powerpoint, arrange their photos, chat with friends etc.
Without realizing what actually was needed is a simple PC, a web browser and a high internet connection speed connected to a vast array of servers that does the computing power for you, does the storage for you. Add to that, all their applications are FREE.

This, will slowly topple Microsoft's dominance.
By then Microsoft would be like PlayStation 3, which only serious users would buy, and Google, with their cheeky, fun, fuss free Web Browser and a stupid processor (perhaps stupid enough to not be able to run viruses) acting like Nintendo's Wii.

The underdog, had bitten the Pitt Bull.

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