Friday, March 30, 2007

Dying the Steve Irwin way

Salute to the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin.

His shows had always been a favourite of mine. Yes, he died, what a waste.

But that is a great way of dying ain't it? He died being stabbed thru the heart by a Sting Ray, how heroic could anyone die in this modern society?

Let's put it this way, imagine there is this place called heaven, and Steve reaches there, waiting for some heavenly transit system maybe, next to him, another chap.

They chat :

Chap :" So, how you ended up here?"

Irwin :" Oh, i was filming some show and there was this huge Sting Ray, swimming over me, tried grabbing it like I always do, it turned around, stab me on my heart in the middle of the ocean, the pain was immense, i died shortly thereafter."

Chap :" How sad, hope your wife and parents deal with it well."

Irwin :" So how you end up here?"

Chap :"Neh, nothing much, needn't talk about it."

Irwin :"Oh common, something to share maybe, the transits gotta be here anytime soon."

Chap :"Really, don't felt like talking about it."

Irwin :"Oh it must be really hard then, common, relax, tell me, i might be able to help."

Chap :"I ... there was this fish..............*stuttered* ..... fishball, it was kinda huge as well, i choked...."

Irwin :"...................."

There are many people who should've died the Irwin way, take Michael Jackson for example, if he would have died 15 years ago from some plane while he's on his way to Africa to meet children infected with HIV, what would be of him now?

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