Friday, March 30, 2007

Why dictionaries aren't getting much thicker?

Have you stumble upon someone who goes "Wrong, that word doesn't exists in dictionaries." ?

Inferiority complex.

Embarassed with own culture and origins, hence felt the need to speak proper english to not 'feel ashamed' for not being in the same league as Americans or British. Huh?!

Language is, just a language. The French and Italians don't give a fuck to the Brits when they can't pronounce the so-called Proper English.

Do you give a damn when you're trying to speak to your Indonesian maid when you couldn't pronounce or having the know-how to speak Indonesian well? Nope. Because you felt yourself being the superior being.

Malaysians deserves every right to speak our accents our way, in which ever language we think it helps in our communication. No single language are 'complete'. It's a partially slow evolution that needs to change from time to time, era to era.

I find it annoying that our ancestors are able to name water as 'Water' and a book as a 'Book' where as we can't even name a 'PDA' as a 'Ghibo'or 'Plipher' because that would be grammatically, socialogically, and politically incorrect; hence we have to result to 'Personal Digital Assistants' because put simply, we are confine to people like you, that we had to speak proper english, with the correct 'accent' or 'grammer' simply because plipher or ghibo doesn't exist in our dictionary.

What if books are called 'BPW' which goes 'Binded Pages of Words' and that we were taught this way since young because calling a 'Binded Pages of Words' as a 'Book' seems weird?

The word Google was derived from the word Googol, which actually means the digit 1 followed by one hundred zeroes. This term was coined in 1920 by nine-year-old Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner. What if she was spanked by Edward, saying "there's no such term in mathematics !"

Any nomination for PDA ? I'd say we call it Peedeeay because I wouldn't wanna be bombarded by YOU. Given the choice? Plipher, or Ghibo.

To enhance my point it's plipher or ghibo if you catch my drift. OR DORIFTO

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