Friday, March 30, 2007

Charity, Philantrophists. Mere selfish acts?

As in chinese proverbs, human born good? or evil ?
There are people who claim that without education, humans were savage beings, killings, rapings were an act of born traits.
There are also people who claim that humans were born good, fairy-like, would only then turn selfish and cruel through the various temptations in life.
Which is it? It's actually that when human civilisation had reached to a state of going beyond basic self realization, to improvise on various traits of human being. I believe its under the influence of education, socialization that we started to think in a way that stealing from the rich, to buy medicine from one self's ailing mother, is an act of barbaric. How barbaric was that? And we've also come to a state of self realization that some considered eating animals, killing them, chopping off their limbs, are also an act of barbaric, they preferred eating vegetables, which in my opinion, if the cabages and potatoes would scream in streaks of pain when they plucked them off, they would die of hunger. Or would it?
Humans have came to a stage where there are so many options in life, that many simply act fakely, to achieve a state of self improvisation to feed the sense of pride and morality than to feed one self's stomache. How stupid and barbaric was that?
It is only humans that receive educations that would turn back and ask themselves human started good, or evil; and it is only humans that received educations, that would eat vege so as not being cruel, to satisfy their own self morality gain and to have a self perceived state of being more 'advance' more 'civilised' than others. And it is also this state of 'self morality gain' temptation, that Warren Buffet gave 37 Billion USD away? Would poverty and famine end because rich people started to give out to the poor? I however don't think so.
Take this scenario, a family in Africa, the father, with a couple of kids lying around, big bloated stomaches, at the peril of dying away, ok perhaps with Aids as well. Just as this guy is about to die, a loaf of bread reached him, donated by philantrophists like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates; that pain stricken guy ate that loaf of bread, together with his family, gain some strength. While having a good night's sleep (which he was supposed to die off that same night) he felt horny and had sex with his wife, 9 months later, another stomache bloated kid was born. And a couple of years later, another stomache bloated family is there again for the rich to take care of. Is that moeny well spent in helping? Or its dragging on with the overall wellness of human civilisation? So is Bill Gates or Warren Buffet helping the world, or are they merely satisfying their own needs of morality satisfaction?
Of course, i myself would be selfish enough to hope that some rich guy would spare some of his money to me, if i'm in peril. But that is a selfish act ain't it? To hope that someone would help me, because i wasn't lucky enough, but that same loaf of bread, if was passed to 2 dying families next to each other, would they kill one another to survive? I believe they will.
Mother earth is now supporting 6 Billion homosapiens, if the poor and stricken would die off 'in peace' hopefully, maybe we'll have less to support? Less polution? Who cares about less humanity? Morality? We want long term sustainability. I believe if Bill Gates is the one next to the pain stricken family, he himself in peril as well, he would not have spare half loaf of the bread, then tell the other guy :" Ok, you have 8 kids, i have 8 as well, lets let each 4 of them die off tonight so that we can share the loaf of bread. " Not in a million years he would do so. Hence in the end, is he merely doing it for self morality satisfaction? I believe sub consciously, YES.
That's why, sorry to the Indonesian Tsunami victims and African famine 'victims'. I did not pay a single cent in helping them, because i believe its nature's way of making human and earth sustainable. I would sacrifice my earning of self morality satisfaction, and let the Tsunami and famine victim gain that small piece of morality satisfaction by not asking for help and die off in peace for the sake of humanity. Ok, that's probably an excuse, but i do feel bad for them, seriously. But sometimes, i do give out to those decapitated, really felt sorry. Ok, one must be selfish sometimes right? And it does feel good after paying a little in gaining that bit of self morality satisfaction.

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