Friday, March 30, 2007

Dare to dream

Hayao Miyazaki.

Ever watched his animations? He's a master.

I've watched a couple of them over the past few days and it really inspires me.

Really do hope that if I've watched his animations a couple of years back, I wouldn't have picked the wrong path in life, wouldn't even subject myself to the cruelty of people's so called advice.

Most of the time, advices ruined people's life, especially those with dreams.

The so called "What I'm telling you is for your future!" ruins a kid's life, stopping them from reading comics, stopping them from doing what they liked most, stopping them from frequent football games, and perhaps, there goes a professional footballer.

I've met people who's dreams are to have their own bakery shop, people that dreamed to become very special persons, only to be ruined by their parent's so-called advices and took up accounting courses. It's such a waste of life, why would people nowadays stop other people from realizing their dreams?

Why my parents stopped me from training with Malaysian Snooker Team when I'm 17 ? Why? Because they themselves did not achieved it in life and they fear i would stumble upon the same path? Hence I'm told to study? Why my secondary school forces me to attend chinese caligraphy art classes when i do especially well in illustrations? I hate the classes so much that eventually I've stopped drawing.

Why our current society in Malaysia is so afraid of jumping out of the norm? Only people who succeeded in life will they give advices such as "Go for what you liked, do it, never give up, you'll definitely succeed." Whereas people who failed in life goes "Do not affect your studies! Why did you waste so much time in that? You should be studying!"

I've met a friend who had a brother who played video games, win tournaments and joined clans, but his family claimed he's useless. They claimed he's not good enough to join international tournaments or becoming famous at all. How could this person succeed if his family did not offer the support given, and that he's family stopped him halfway when he's struggling to learn, practice and perhaps becoming really good at it?

There's this famous pianist 'Lang Lang' from China that his success stories inspires me. Read

"Lang's success is closely related to the support and sacrifice of his family. After discovering Lang's gift in music, Lang Quoren, his father, decided to spare no efforts to foster Lang Lang's ability.

To provide Lang Lang with better musical education, Lang Quoren quit from his steady job and left his wife to come to Beijing with Lang Lang. They lived in a shabby room for five years. In searching for the most suitable teacher for Lang Lang, Lang Quoren annoyed quite a few people because of his upright temper. And to send Lang Lang to take part in an overseas competition, Lang Quoren borrowed much money from others and finally got the visa. To his pleasure, Lang Lang became one of the winners of the competition"

Now, this is where he stands, at international arena, playing what he loves most, succeeding in life at a tender young age. There's no way he could've succeeded if his family did not play this important role in supporting him to the fullest.

Fear, is what that stops people from going beyond. The fear of falling, the fear of being behind when failure steps in. This is what that stops people from cultivating their interests.

Go ahead people, fight for your dreams, dare to be different, jump out of the norm. Do not subject yourself to the grey hands of mediocrity.

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