Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Pursuit of HappYness

Watched it? You must. You have to. You eventually would experience something like it. For if you don't, I have to say it's pretty much your loss, for people who are determine, it's either success or lesson learned.

There are alot of losers in the world, well then we must say they must be pretty 'lucky' to have all these FREE lessons.

Well ironically, the term 'losers' were not coined by themselves, it's by people who are successfull. Losers are losers when they don't realize themselves as one, or after they realized, they happen to accept this and hence acceptance spawns norm. Being a loser, is a norm for them; their brain hence was tweaked to think in this way :

" I'm unlucky, I'm a loser, I don't think I can make it, what if i can't make it?, what will my boss say to me the next morning?, will i get sacked? I might as well kill myself, no wait... that's painful, oh ya ... i could buy lottery, then if i win I'll quit my job.... yeah .... that's a good plan .... my job sucks... if i could just get myself a 4 digit and I'm out of here.... oh shit... here comes my boss .... he's gonna scold me again .... now where was i .... the documents.... .oh ... home? .... car ? ..... oh schmucks..... "

There goes. If you so happen frequent such thoughts..... quit it.

Remember this ironic thing : If you work hard, you'll get lucky.

There's this law amongst the seven laws that governs the universe: The Law of Attraction. The more focus your mind is on something, the more attraction you're pulled towards it, and hence it'll come to you.

When all the care you receive from your family and love ones, the care and guidance from colleagues and all the food you eat, the air you breath and the water you drank ;in short all this energy was transformed into a constant focus on the STUPID things in your mind. Do you think your concentration and focus of such immense energy towards it is enough to make you to react in everything in such a way that these STUPID/FAILURE/UNLUCKY/BAD/SUCKY DAY will come to you?

YES. I guarantee.

So, use all your might, your energy, your focus, your thoughts, your thinking, your mindset to focus on?

" I have to achieve it, I will slowly plan, gather information, look for that person.... hmm yes I guess this is the right way.... oh ya .... perhaps Michael can give me a hand in this.... yes yes.... wow this is hard.... oh wait.... i can do some small research..... hur? yes? oh no mom.... thanks... I'm doing some research.... k ... thanks! love ya! ..... hhmm .... i think i'll plan this way... when i reach this stage.... I'll go seek Michael.... yeah yeah .... i guess this is how i do it.... I have to succeed.... hmmm .... yupe."

DOES THAT SOUND BETTER? The food, the love, the air, the water, the care, the guidance - All these energy to be use in such a way?

Do it people, I've tasted the first such happYness recently, forgo all negative thoughts, surround yourself with faith and trust, do it. Remember, you'll get lucky if you work hard.


redpepper said...

kudos on you for finding your happyness!=) hope it'll stick around...and the only way to do that, from what i've gathered from your post, is to constantly surround yourself with optimism and diligence.
haha...ok. will keep it as a mantra in my mind

you'll go far friend...

Bobby said...

Thanks alot! I have to say again, it's such a pleasure to meet you. :)

Just to clear things up, the correct spelling is happIness. :)

Bobby said...

Just to add, I know you know the correct spelling. It's for (just in case) kindergarTen kids logging on... :)

Sweetest_Cerry said...
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Sweetest Ch3rry said...

Pursuit of HappYness remind me once again,recall back bout the story~~

Optimism and Happyness are the only thing i'm not able to satisfy myself yet it not too late..