Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Future of Tech Gadgets

Since the coming of age of wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi, we've experienced a huge surge in the demands for such devices whereby true 'mobility' was granted to these 'mobile' devices. Or was it?

Nonetheless the last entanglement tying these devices down into not being able to be truly 'mobile' is the power source.

4hrs of usage, 8hrs of recharge, these are terms we're so used to be reading thru the specification sheets of such devices, which tech gadget advocates truly take into consideration while making their purchases as this will determind how truly 'mobile' they can be.

Imagine IF electricity were to be able to funneled their way wirelessly powering up said devices, how nice would that be?

There are research being done in UK's MIT tech lab, which explores an age old physics phenomenon call 'Resonance', whereby instruments will 'react' to other instruments resonating at the same frequency, this can be noticed thru musical instruments whereby a certain note wa being played by a device at a certain frequency rate, the vibrations will be picked up and 'mimicked' by another instrument with the same resonating frequency. This phenomenon is currently being tested and is said that they have succeeded in channeling electricity within a distance of 3 to 5 meters.

It is astounding and utterly delighting to know that not far out in the future, we will be able to use gadgetries without the need to stay near a power source (assuming this technology has come of age and they are able to transmit energy up to a few hundred kilometers from a single power source - optimistically

By then, coupled with the ever increasing speed of wireless technology (Information transfer, not energy - thou it is some sort of energy being transferred) of WIMAX (Think 100MB per second with a range of 70 - 100 kilometers); our laptops can then be purchased without harddisks to store enormous data (all can be streamed across using WIMAX) and we will be truly wireless and mobile without the need to recharge our devices. By then our laptops will be a mere transmitter + screen + keyboard, and they'll perhaps just weigh in at 500gms.

By then, we will truly see another surge in the demand for devices such as laptops, mp3 players, and so on. By then, we will be truly mobile and wireless.

And of course, our last excuse of not being able to keep in touch with our bosses or clients ("I'm sorry my battery was flat.") will soon be made redundant.

Working 24hrs? Truly possible, desireable? Nope.

Nonetheless, I truly welcome this technology, and if the increase in power transmission be sufficient enough to run our cars - We can then truly have cars without combustion engines.

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redpepper said...

haha! welcome back! (to blog-posting world, i mean).

wow...that is truly impressive and super convenient. It would solve my problem of my laptop battery not being able to last through my long journey to anywhere!

btw, bobby....have you ever considered becoming a journalist?