Thursday, October 18, 2007

Karl Marx is in us somewhere, deep inside, brain that is; whereas our heart lies Bill Gates.

Since young, we had seen countless images, imaginary arts of how our future city will look like, tall skyscrapers, relentlessly commuting peoples in pods, cars that fly, the world at peace, with everyone living in 'standard' 'quarters'; giving and taking for the good of the community.

Everyone had a role to play in this big stage, a stage where the human civilization has come of age, an age where there will be no poverty, no famine, no sickness, no harm, no threat. Everyone will abide and conform to the rules created by ourselves, to sustain the very existence of the human race, there will be no enemies, we are a family, the world has shrunk to the size of our knowledge, there will be no unexplored boundaries, there will be no evil regimes.

There will be no drugs, no prostitution, no cigarettes, no booze, no Aids, no STD; no parking violations, only rules and rules and rules to safeguard our interests as a whole.

These are all 'dreams' that we had, or are still having.

So what year are we in now? 2007. So are there flying cars ? Aluminum foil wrapped cities? People working in unity, playing own roles. Where are all these dreams?

Dreams? I'd say morality. We, are all born to this world and taught to 'think' or to 'hope' that way, we all are born and taught with a little Karl Marx in us, if you don't know who this guy is, he's the father of socialism, or communism to sound more familiar.

According to him, the people of the world should all be equal, every role in this world are played by people with equal importance, no single chain of this sustainable homosapien ecology should be neglected nor impaired with rights. Everyone would earn the same amount of money, everyone would work hard towards the common goal - The goal where human will forever dominate the world, live in peace and harmony.


Except that it's against our instincts, the instinct to 'SURVIVE'; the instinct to grab a larger loaf of bread than our neighbors, friends, family and siblings. Our offspring will forever be the utmost importance in ensuring the survival or of our genes, our thinking, our heritage and most surreal of all, our surname.

This sense of survival instinct is what that drives the evolution of our kind to dominate, amongst all species. We belonged to the family of mammals, the species where there's a Male and Female, with penis and vagina, that allows us to mate as much as we could, have offspring with as vast diversity a partner we could get hold of, to have the combined genes of people from different parts of the world, to be able to be subjected to different disease and have different kinds of immune system to ward off different kinds of sickness, to allow us to live in very vastly different terrains and geographical areas.

This is Capitalism. To capitalize on whatever that's surrounding us, and to make it benefit us at best it could.

Hence whilst ideologically we had a lil Karl Marx in us, instinctively we're Bill Gates.

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